Fact sheets derivative funds

Published on june 2, 2020
Fact sheets derivative funds

Every year, the stock market wisdom "Sell in May and go away…." is taken out again, but the financial markets were positive about a broad front in May. Although economic data are in many cases historical lows, investors take courage to a quick development of a vaccine to combat the corona virus.

For the indices in which the Active Leverage funds invest, the picture was divided. While the Bovespa and Nikkei Index continued to rise, the Nifty and HSCEI Index took a step back. Unrest in Hong Kong and lock down 4.0 in India were the cause of this. 
For the latest developments in all four financial markets in which the Active Leverage funds invest and insight into economic data, please refer to the most recent fact sheets.

Intereffekt Active Leverage Brazil

Intereffekt Active Leverage India

Intereffekt Active Leverage China

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