Specialists in frontier and emerging markets


On the website of Intereffekt Investment Funds N.V, specialists in frontier & emerging markets, you will not only find information about investing in Frontier Markets, Vietnam, Africa, Brazil, India, China and Japan, but also information about the mutual funds.

High Dividend Equity Funds:
TCM Global Frontier High Dividend Equity 
TCM Vietnam High Dividend Equity 
TCM Africa High Dividend Equity 

Derivative Funds:
Intereffekt Active Leverage Brazil 
Intereffekt Active Leverage India 
Intereffekt Active Leverage China 
Intereffekt Active Leverage Japan 

Managing Company

The Managing Company of Intereffekt Investment Funds N.V. is TRUSTUS Capital Management B.V. (Trustus). Trustus is an independent asset manager which manages individual and group assets. It manages the assets of private investors, foundations and institutional investors. Trustus has more than 30 years experience in managing mutual funds directed towards frontier & emerging markets.
Trustus has been granted a licence by the Securities Transactions Supervisory Board [Autoriteit Financiële Markten] (in accordance with the Investment Institutions (Supervision) Act [Wet toezicht beleggingsinstellingen].