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Market Monitor

Market Monitor

Published on november 13, 2017

The Market Monitor provides fundamental and technical data about the markets in which the Derivative Funds are active. Read more

Fact sheets derivative funds published

Fact sheets derivative funds published

Published on september 7, 2017

Last month’s key indicator was the announcement of the economic growth. Both Brazil, China, India and Japan announced growth for the second quarter of this year. Growth in Japan was a positive su... Read more

Fact sheets derivative funds published

Fact sheets derivative funds published

Published on august 11, 2017

Except for the Japan fund the month of July showed positive returns for all the derivative funds. Both the Brazil and the India Fund realized a performance of 8.33% in July. Read more

Fact sheets derivative funds published

Fact sheets derivative funds published

Published on july 11, 2017

Last month, the euro strengthened further. As a result, the indices in which the Active Leverage funds are active, converted to euro, all went down. What impact did this have on the share price of the... Read more

Fact sheets derivative funds published

Fact sheets derivative funds published

Published on june 9, 2017

Besides Brazil, the financial markets in which the Active Leverage Funds are invested had a quiet month. The well-known trading adage "Sell in May and go away ..." has not really appeared this ye... Read more

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Derivative fund Brazil

Fund Profile / Strategy

Intereffekt Active Leverage Brazil is an active mutual fund, which uses a trading model. The fund invests in Brazilian index products and derivatives. Based on the trading model the short term trend of the underlying assets will be determined.
When the signal is positive the fund is aiming for a leverage of 2 to 3 times the return of the underlying assets. When the signal is negative the leverage will be decreased to one. The fund is aiming for an outperformance when the trend is positive. When the trend is negative the fund aims for an average return compared to the index. In a sideways market there is a possibility that the trading model experiences an underperformance. The risk profile is high. The fund is aiming for capital growth. The fund will not pay any dividends. The manager will not use a benchmark as a gauge for the purposes of determining the investment policy or comparing the results.
The fund is a subsidiary of Intereffekt Investment Funds N.V. (IIF), established with a so-called umbrella structure.

Fund performance

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For whom is this suitable?

This fund is designed for investors who are familiar with the risks involved in the use of derivatives. Prospective investors should ask their investment consultant to determine whether or not this fund is suitable for them and ask for advice about the term for which the shares should be kept. The leverage is reweighted periodically and the fund may therefore not be suitable for the long term.


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No rights may be derived from this publication. You are referred to the prospectus and Key Investor Information Document for the fund's terms and conditions. These documents may be obtained from the website or the address mentioned below. The manager of IIF has obtained a licence for this fund from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Supervision.