Fact sheets derivative funds

Publiced on february 7, 2018
Fact sheets derivative funds

The first month of the year led to good results for the four Active Leverage Funds. The HSCEI Index and the Bovespa Index recorded double positive results and they took the Nifty and Nikkei Index with it. January is often seen as a gauge for the rest of the year. Whether this will be the case for 2018 remains to be seen and cannot be predicted.

Predictions are not included in the fact sheets of the funds, but facts and figures about the development of the funds and macroeconomic data of the countries concerned all the more.

New fact sheets available

More news can be found in the latest fact sheets of the derivative funds:

Intereffekt Active Leverage Brazil

Intereffekt Active Leverage India

Intereffekt Active Leverage China

Intereffekt Active Leverage Japan

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