Fact sheets derivative funds

Published on november 21, 2017
Fact sheets derivative funds

Record after record has been broken in the four indices in which the derivative funds are investing. The Bovespa Index and the Nifty Index rose to an all time high last month, the HSCEI Index reached its highest level in two years and the Nikkei Index managed to break above its highest level in 21 years. As a result, all derivative funds closed higher than last month. Are you wondering if the rising trend will continue in these financial markets and what the current economic status is in Brazil, China, India and Japan? Read the latest factsheet for this information.

New fact sheets available

All the news can be found in the latest fact sheets of the derivative funds:

Intereffekt Active Leverage Brazil

Intereffekt Active Leverage India

Intereffekt Active Leverage China

Intereffekt Active Leverage Japan

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