Fact sheets derivative funds published

Published on october 12, 2017
Fact sheets derivative funds published

During the third quarter of the year, all four indices of the derivatives funds were in the green. In local currency, the Nifty and Nikkei Index rose between 2-3%, while the Chinese HSCEI Index went up by 7% and the Bovespa Index even 18%. Measured in euros, the indices fell apart from the Bovespa Index. Was the macroeconomic data disappointing in the third quarter or were there any positive surprises? In the factsheets, you can consult the most important indicators by index and by country.

New fact sheets available

All the news can be found in the latest fact sheets of the derivative funds:

Intereffekt Active Leverage Brazil

Intereffekt Active Leverage India

Intereffekt Active Leverage China

Intereffekt Active Leverage Japan

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